My name is Joni Jen, the founder of Olive Children Foundation. It was founded in 2010 with the vision that the youth of today can be transformed into the leaders of tomorrow, and on the belief that all children should realize their potential to transform the world.

We started out with a humble little leadership class, then STEM based afterschool programs, and I believe that this vision is materialized best in a hands-on approach.

In 2017, we pioneered the Maker program and established the Reggio-inspired preschool program in three campuses.

In 2018, we team up with Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program to mentor high school students to design their original research projects. 

In 2019, Center for Advance Study is born. It helps talented, gifted, and elite students reach their full intellectual and academic potential.

While the people and programs come and go , our core philosophy has not wavered and we move closer to that vision.

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