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Reggio-Inspired Preschool with STEaM

  “No way. The hundred is there.”


-Loris Malaguzzi

The child is made of one hundred.
The child has

a hundred languages
hundred hands
hundred thoughts
hundred ways of thinking
of playing, of speaking.

A hundred 

Always a hundred ways

of listening, of marveling, of loving,

A hundred joys

for singing and understanding

A hundred worlds to discover

A hundred worlds to invent

hundred worlds to dream.

Mission & Vision

We believe all children should realize their potential to transform the world, and  in the “hundred-languages” of each child. We define our education as research and believe it is based on reciprocal relationships among children, teachers and parents. We strive to create learning experiences that facilitate each child’s unique emergent interests.

Our program allows students to deeply engage in learning, in a fun and challenging way which provide preschoolers various opportunities for growth in STEaM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math).

Core Beliefs

  • We believe that each child possesses internal resources and talents which need support, time, and quality relationships (with adults and peers) to come to fruition.

  • We believe every child has a "hundred languages," through which he/she can express thought and feelings, questions and doubts, dreams and desires and build knowledge.

  • We believe it is more important to listen than to be heard; more challenging to ask questions than to require answers; more beneficial to scaffold choices than to micro-manage behavior. 


In order to cultivate beneficial lifelong characteristics like pro-active communication, group conflict resolution, intrinsic motivation, healthy risk-taking, and resilience to failure, we are deeply committed to intense interventions in each child’s journey. 

Our Program

The first Reggio-inspired and STEAM-based preschool in Fremont area, Olive Children Preschool | Little STEaMers offers a stimulating educational program in a warm, nurturing setting. Imagine your child creating, designing, playing, and learning using a variety of materials, loose parts, and resources. All while a dedicated teacher intentionally asks your child questions to engage them in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math of what they are doing.

Reggio Approach

  • Children, even very young children, are capable of constructing their own learning

  • Teachers and students co-construct knowledge together through inquiry

  • Teachers analyze student understandings and offer invitations or questions that deepen student learning

  • Children are capable of expressing themselves in various “languages,” many of them involving arts or construction, and should be offered the opportunity to do so.

  • Teachers are not “fountains of knowledge”, they are “fountains of questions”

STEaM for Young Children

Innovation and creativity go hand in hand with our developmentally  appropriate  STEAM curriculum. The curriculum will 

  • Engage children with the knowledge and life experiences

  • Teach children to navigate  challenges and generate solutions

  • Develop critical thinking skills, and be a problem solver

  • Challenge children with interesting problems and help facilitate their journey of discovery in solving them.


The child is an explorer and researcher of the world. The teacher's role is that of a fellow investigator and partner-in-learning.



PreK | TK

Kinder Readiness

Meet our Supportive & Caring Staff

Joni Jen​

President & Founder

Olive Children Foundation

& Berkeley Academy

As a parent of four and owner of afterschools and preschools, Joni continues to find ways to improve and cater to the needs of the Fremont Community through education and innovation. She has worked with and befriended many parents, young adults, and little ones throughout her years of building schools and services for an ever evolving population. 


Joni's passion includes getting the young involved in service, hiking in San Francisco with her husband, and most importantly preparing children to be the best they can be.

Carmina Dayaw Harris, MA, Ed.


Olive Children Preschool

St. James

Cienna Harris

Assistant Teacher

Olive Children Preschool

St. James

Cherryl Figone, BS, AS. Ed.


Little STEaMers Preschool

Vrunda Mestry

Assistant Teacher

Little STEaMers Preschool

Sheela Pasi, BS, AS.Ed.


Olive Children Preschool

Warm Springs

Daily Schedule

The Center is open daily 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM.

Extended care option available from 8:30 AM- 9:00 AM and 6:30 PM-7:00 PM (Drop in or preregister for discounted rate).

Nearly all of our students are enrolled full-time with a limited number of part-time spaces available for children enrolled in our toddler class

Children bring their own lunches and have a nap. AM and PM snacks will be provided by the center.

Parent Cooperative

We value the participation of families in enriching children's experiences and forging connections between home and school.

Parent Jobs

A variety of roles in school management and support.

Classroom Support

Parental assistant, teaching in classrooms, preparing snack, sharing interests, about once every month.

Olive Events

Family events and fundraisers occur throughout the year and are largely created through family assistance.

Work Days

Twice a year parents come together for work days taking on school wide projects, support classroom readiness and staging

Parent Testimonials

For some reasons relating to the curriculum, my kids started out at a Montessori-based preschool and then switched to a Reggio-Emelia one. I didn't realize until we were well into the new school how much I preferred the feel of a Reggio-Emelia classroom. I think there is so much more room for a kids' creativity and expression. I know there is great variance in how Montessori ideas are implemented, but even at our previous school, which was not all that strict, the kids were basically taught how to play with particular items. This feels so limiting, as if there is a "right" way to play. My son, Jad, absolutely thrived at their new school and are given so much more opportunity to explore their own interests.


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