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High School Research

After operating in Fremont for more than a decade, and serving students all the way through to college admission, we recognized the need for a space where students could be exposed to real research opportunities prior to entering higher level institutions. In 2008, we founded ASDRP (Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program), a R&D institution, that provides the chance for high school students throughout the Bay Area, especially those who are underrepresented in STEM or who are socioeconomically disadvantaged, to conduct high-level scientific research.


Students participate in research projects across various subjects in STEM, including chemistry, biology, computational modeling, computer science, and much more. They publish and present their work as well, in venues within and outside of ASDRP. Research in ASDRP is supervised by highly skilled scientists  and engineers on the research faculty, who are clustered under one of three departments - Biological/Human/Life Sciences, Chemistry/Biochemistry/Physics, or Computer Science & Engineering. 


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Grades 8 - 12

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