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Zumba and Indoor Recess

To warm up the day and get kids stay active during our camp, we will introduce Zumba and fun indoor recess. Kids will get to move and groove with this super-fast, super-fun song. 

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Food Science

Have you ever done science experiments that you can eat? All we want is to make science FUN for kids of all ages with these Food Experiments that explore chemistry, biology,  physics, and earth science. Not to mention, they will get to enjoy their food eventually!

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Nobel prizes in Literature

What is more awesome than having an encouraging and motivating environment for kids to ENJOY reading and writing more. Above that, kids will get to logically analyze literary works from a variety of genres and discuss with their friends. 


Spanish for Kids

Having some free time? Why not learning something new? Every child should be taught a second or third language, and chances are the best choice is Spanish. 


Empathy and patience

Be kind, be nice, grow gratitude, be patient, find joy and have compassion, we think these are also important to prepare our kids for success. Just easy practice everyday in our camp, kids will learn more toward becoming more well-rounded

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Code Combat

Into games and curious about coding? We have something that combines two, it's Code Combat. By using this game-based platform we want to get kids exposed and hands-on coding with Python language but having fun at the same time!


Algorithm & Logic-based Coding

Programming language and framework are widely taught out there but we see the importance of algorithm, data structure and logic-based coding so we want to introduce these to our kids as setting a foundation for them toward a brighter future. 


Speech and Debate

Lawyers are expensive and it's hard to find a good one right? If kids want to practice public speaking, persuasion and debate as well as how to structure an argument, this is a very good chance to come and just present so that we will give good feedbacks for their improvement.