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Olive's response to COVID-19: School is out, but education does not have to be! In the midst of everything that is going on surrounding the shelter-in-place policy around California, we’re committed to bringing out the best of extracurricular learning. Join us by signing up HERE.

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Instructor: Edward Njoo & Harman Brah

Virtual Science and Computational Modeling

How does one combine computer skills with the natural sciences? How do biologists, chemists, and physicists use modeling and computational analysis to solve real-world problems? How can computer models be applied to medicine, environmental studies, and systems engineering? These are all pressing questions that every modern scientist must answer, and this course is aimed to give kids a glimpse of the many ways in which computation and modeling can be applied to almost every arena of science. Topics covered include agent-based computational modeling, protein modeling, bioinformatics, etc. Co-taught by scientists from Stanford and UCSF. 


Instructor: Stephan Brooks

Speech & Debate

Elementary: This class is designed for younger students, primarily 4th-6th graders, who wish to get experience speaking and debating in front of a live audience. Students will be given a crash course in the fundamentals of good public speaking and will also be taught the basics of persuasion and debate: how to structure an argument, respond to argument, etc. The goal of the class is to give students the chance to speak every single class so that they can ultimately improve their presentation skills.

Middle & High School: This class is designed for older students, 7th grade and up, who wish to get more experience and practice speaking in front of a live audience. Like our elementary course, it will expose middle-high school students to the fundamental of good public speaking and persuasion. Students will be expected to speak and present every class.


Instructor: Harman Brah

Food Science

Have you ever done science experiments that you can eat? All we want is to make science FUN for kids of all ages with these Food Experiments that explore chemistry, biology,  physics, and earth science. Not to mention, they will get to enjoy their food eventually!


Instructor: Hong Tran

Code Combat

Into games and curious about coding? We have something that combines two, it's Code Combat. By using this game-based platform we want to get kids exposed and hands-on coding with Python language but having fun at the same time!

In this course students will get to write code to manipulate game characters to tackle different challenges and through that learning Computer Science fundamental such as loop, variable, conditional statement and many more. 

Programming Console

Instructor: Hong Tran

Algorithm and Logic-Based Coding

Thought programming is hard? Wonder how to start coding? Amazed by technology and applications? Curious about solving problems? We got you. Programming language and framework are widely taught out there but we see the importance of algorithm, data structure and logic-based coding and we place emphasis on them in this course.  We aim to provide Computer Science concepts and mentor our students to build things they care about, to automate the boring stuff. Here Python is chosen for teaching since it’s an interpreted, intuitive, high-level, general-purpose programming language that is good for beginners. By the end of the course, students will be confident in writing lines of code and have a thought process developed ready to tackle any problem and build anything they are curious about. 

Reading with Coffee

Instructor: Edward Njoo

Nobel prize for Literature

This course is more than your typical writing class - we emphasize both reading and writing because they are intrinsically connected with one another! The course is built around in-depth analysis of classic essays and works that define modern Western thought, coupled with genre-specific skills-based writing exercises. By the end of the course, your student will be able to

  • logically analyze literary works from a variety of genres,

  • efficiently outline and put together a coherent essay to answer a prompt in less than an hour, and understand,

  • appreciate rhetorical tools that authors use to convey a point.

  • Appreciate the importance of literary and historical context in interpreting a text

  • Logically outline a text for rational argumentation

  • Build a robust vocabulary toolbox

Texts include excerpts from Plato, and essays by C.S. Lewis, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and excerpts from The Scientific American. 


Instructor: Harman Brah

Spanish for Kids

Having some free time? Why not learning something new? Every child should be taught a second or third language, and chances are the best choice is Spanish.

California is a state founded on immigration; in our modern age, as the face of California changes, command of languages other than English will become paramount in the workplace and in their personal lives. To that end, we must provide our children with the tools to succeed in the future. This course will provide students with an introduction to practical Spanish, with the aim that they will be able to open lines of communication with Spanish speakers in California. 

Pricing & Fees

Full eight week course:

Mon. Mar. 30 - Fri. 4/21 – 6/12:

First class: $150

Second class: +$130

Third class: +$100

Fourth class: +70

Fifth class: +$50

All five classes: $500

Sign up on the link below. 

*Courses divided by age group.

*Class size 4-6 students