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K - G1

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Computer Science and Engineering in Elementary?

Without a doubt.

Introducing computer science and engineering to children early develops an understanding of the world around them and how to improve it. Exposure to both in elementary ensures more equity in learning as children start to gain awareness and interest in STEM early on. This early exposure can help put them a STEM learning pathway and lead to future careers that they might not have considered.

Designing Lighting System 1 & 2

Students explore the properties and behavior of light and the use of light in engineering. The unit begins with the storybook Omar’s Time to Shine, in which a boy named Omar living in Egypt explores the field of Optical Engineering and then uses what he knows to save his school’s play performance by designing an improvised lighting system. Over the course of the unit, students investigate how light behaves when interacting with certain materials. Like Omar, students then follow the steps of the Engineering Design Process to imagine, plan, create, and improve their own lighting systems in a model tomb.



Programming Robot 1 & 2

Computer scientists program robots to complete tasks that are difficult for humans to do. In the story "Omar's Robotic Reach", when Omar loses a gem from his costume for a school performance, he programs a robot to retrieve it from under the stage. Students explore how to write an algorithm to tell a robot how to move, then investigate how to program a robot such as the Code & Go® Robot Mouse. They then follow the steps of the Engineering Design Process to imagine, plan, create, and improve a program to make a robot navigate a maze. Students extend their computational thinking skills to mathematical concepts as they practice strategies for addition and subtraction.



Boomtown Build Challenge 1 & 2

What if you could build a better world? Where would you begin?

Welcome to Boomtown! Come join our Team.

Boomtown is growing. We need your help! Can you design and create a building for our town? 

Use your imagination and LEGO WeDo 2 to design and program your Boomtown Build.


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Technology Inventors

An invention is something unique and new that is created to make our life better by solving a specific problem.

As a young inventor, you will go through the 5 stages of Design Process as you invent a new solution for the problem you encounter. We will go through what we do in each stage!

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 Singapore Math

  • Learn to think mathematically and rely on the depth of knowledge gained in previous lessons

  • Practice reading contents and learning from the world’s most trusted providers

  • Enjoy The Singapore math - a highly effective and  focused on mastery method , which is achieved through intentional sequencing of concept


 Book Reports

To write a book report is a way to tell others about a book you've read. But what makes a good book report? We will learn how to write an effective book report and the elements of Book Report share.  We will read several books together and students will choose books to share and write.

Young Leaders Club


Our Young Leaders Club provides opportunity for elementary school age students to learn, practice, and develop individual and group leadership, as well as self-management skills. They learn about and apply their self-awareness, interpersonal skills, civic responsibility, decision making, and problem-solving through creative and engaging hands-on activities and projects.

Character Building


True leaders are individuals who have good characters. To help our students become young leaders, we will learn different character traits, such as Respect and Responsibility, ...

There is no I in TEAM


Using various games and team building activities, students will learn about effective strategies to improve communication and conflict resolution.

Community Service Projects


Our young leaders will engage in community service projects, such as photographs of Nature for Fremont Senior Center, Planting flowers to beautify our community.

Self Management Skills


An Introduction to Effective Habits

Self-assessment, Prioritization, Organization, Asking Questions, Managing Mistakes, ...

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