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STEM Initiative Summer Camp
Date: 6/27 - 8/5/2022
Grade: G6 - G8

Camp Site:
Chinese for Christ Church of Hayward
22416 Meekland Ave., Hayward CA 94541

Financial Scholarship is Available
Deadline to Apply: 5/31/2022

What is the STEM Initiative?

Olive Children has established a robust, sustainable STEM-based summer program that specifically serves the academic and extracurricular needs of socioeconomically disadvantaged families in the East Bay area communities. This would be accomplished through a 6-week summertime program built around hands-on & project-based learning, whereby scientific exploration and innovation is harnessed as a platform for building technological literacy, academic confidence, and leadership, advocacy, and character traits. Our mission is to help middle school students transition from 8th grade to 9th grade academically, socially, and emotionally prepared to manage their high school classes.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, except your commitment & enthusiasm! That’s right - there is no cost associated with enrolling in Olive’s STEM Initiative summer program.

Am I eligible?

Do you have a 6th, 7th, or 8th grader in East Bay Area? You may be eligible! Sign up ONLINE APPLICATION . Spots are limited!


Please sign up to the OPEN HOUSE or Email us at  

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Engineering Everywhere

Empower youth to become more effective problem solvers. Working through challenges students follow an age-appropriate 8-step engineering design process that gets them thinking like engineers. Engineering Everywhere builds 21st century skills as students learn to collaborate, communicate, think critically and present their findings in an Engineering Showcase.

Engineering Timers

In this unit, students will use their mechanical engineering skills to design their own timekeeping technology that measures time.



Engineering a Water Reuse Process

Youth participating in this unit become water resource engineers as they use the steps of the Engineering Design Process to design creative ways to reuse water.



Engineering Ice Cream

In this unit, students will learn how ice cream gets to be so creamy and delicious, as they engineer a process for making ice cream.


sphero bolt.jpg

Sphero Bolt 1 & 2

Students will learn computer science and STEAM principles alongside Sphero Robots. We will start with logic and sequencing, work the way up to advanced Block programming, and with a basic understanding of JavaScript. By the end of course, students will be able to:

  • Create, manipulate, and sequence movement, lights and sound Block

  • Create Block programs with 1 to 2 simple controls, including loop forever,..

  • Display a basic understanding of how 1-2 more complex controls, including if/else affect programs

  • Explain how conditionals use sensors, comparators, and operators to make decisions


Electronic 101 with Circuit Scribe

Draw electronics in engineering, designs, arts, and crafts.

We use Circuit Scribe to empower the creativity, not only teach students learn electronic fundamentals, but also the designs and electronic process.  Students will take an idea from scratch to a first prototype. They will learn troubleshooting, problem solve, adapt, ask for help, and try again. 

cc math3.jpg

Common Core Math 1, 2, and 3
We will use Spring Board textbooks to prepare students in grade 6 to 8 with skills and knowledge that matter most for college and career readiness.  Students will apply mathematical ways of thinking to real-world issues to solve complex math problems. They also learn how to apply mathematical knowledge to a variety of settings, collaborate with others to complete tasks, and communicate effectively using the language of mathematics.

teen reading.jpg

Book Reading & Reports


To write a book report is a way to tell others about a book you've read. But what makes a good book report? We will learn how to write an effective book report and the elements of Book Report share.  We will read several books together and students will choose books to share and write


Lead4Change is a leadership program with community service framework which will help students' growth and learning, also empowers students act, serve and make BIG things happen. 

Students will develop, understand and apply their leadership skills as they complete the lessons – in a classroom setting. They will create and implement a student-led service project that addresses a need in their school or community. 

So What?

Now What?

Now Do.

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