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Preschool Staff Biographies

Carmina Dayaw Harris, MA, Ed.


Olive Children Preschool at St. James


Carmina has her MA in Education, specializing in Special Education (Differentiated Teaching) and her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education Administration and a minor in Early Childhood Development from Ashford University.  She is currently pursuing her PhD in Early Childhood Education.


Her passion stems from teaching children in their natural environment that is filled with tools that allow them to fulfill their curiosity and engage them in a life-long learning.


"If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn." -Ignacio Estrada


Cherryl Figone, BS, AS. Ed.


Little STEaMers Preschool


Cherryl Figone has early childhood education, BS in Physics and an AS in Business Administration.

Ms. Cherryl says, she accidently became a preschool teacher while her kids were in preschool.

She loves children so much that she decided to work in this field.  She likes to treat each child as a flower, providing a lot of care for them to grow.

Cherryl, enjoys working with children especially preschoolers.  She has been working with preschoolers for over 13 years. After seeing many children over the years of her experience, she can tell what each child needs are, and how each child will grow at their own pace. She learns from each child’s own uniqueness every day. She feels it is a privilege and joy to teach the preschoolers.  There is never a dull moment!


Sheela Pasi, BS, AS.Ed


Olive Children Preschool at Warm Springs


Sheela  has Bachelor’s degree in Science from India. She has been working with kids teaching dance and computers for the past 17 years. To pursue her love for teaching in educational field she joined Mission College and completed 40 ECE units . She believes all kids  are like delicate flower who deserve to have a safe environment to learn and grow and bloom. She is also a member of NAREA  and  she attended their conference and training to advance her love of teaching and to  know  better how the environment can be the Third teacher  for a child . 


She likes the Reggio approach  because  it equips kids to use problem-solving strategies and they  have a strong sense of self and being. She is also a dance teacher and uses music and movement  as a tool to spread the joy of learning to kids.


Vrunda Mestry

Assistant Teacher


Vrunda loves working with kids. She is very passionate at what she does. At the core, she is a service oriented person who enjoys building relationships and thrive on watching children grow and become a healthy and happy human being. Her philosophy is that learning should be enjoyable, and meaningful. She believes in teaching the whole child by addressing the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and sensory needs through a developmental approach. 


Cienna Harris

Assistant Teacher


Cienna has over 3 years of experience working with afterschool and summer camp class.  She is also a teacher for her local church’s children’s ministry.  Cienna is currently attending Chabot College and pursuing a degree in Education.