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Let's Go!

Become a

Problem Solver

Be Part of Community Problem Solvers

For Age

3 - 5 Years Old

June 1 -

August 27, 2021

Preschoolers learn best when they're given frequent opportunities to solve problems that are meaningful to them — those that arise in their day-to-day life. At Olive Preschool Summer Camp, what we can do

  1. Provide opportunities for hands-on investigations. 

  2. Foster creative- and critical-thinking skills by inviting children to use items in new and diverse ways.

  3. Encourage children's suggestions and solutions.

  4. Allow children to find their own solutions. 

  • Waste Not

  • What trash takes longer to breakdown?

  • All about Composting.

  • What's our natural enemies? 

waste not.PNG
  • food from Plants

  • Fresh Water

  • Investigating Water & Soap

  • Who is affected by Pollution

waste not.PNG
  • Air Pollution

  • Sunlight

  • How are Candy, Gasoline, and Sunlight alike

  • Color in Nature

waste not.PNG
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