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Olive Foodies 


Preschool Summer Camp

Food Science | Nutrition Theme | Story Telling | FUN


This summer our curious explorers will explore food and nourishment  science in our 8-week summer program. This program will empower little ones to make healthy choices for themselves and will give them better understanding of food which comes from the farm and served on their plates.


Farm to Table: gardening, harvesting, food preparation, consumption

Improve student health by providing a variety of nutritious food options.

  • Provide hands on nutrition education based on local food systems.

  • Gardening is a hands-on learning activity that helps children explore nutrition and discover new foods while helping them develop lifelong skills. Tending to a garden or nurturing a seedling creates a space to reflect and practice self-awareness while also apply skills in responsibility and problem-solving.


Food Chemistry:


Children will be doing science projects and practicing all kinds of scientific thinking skills such as trial and error, making a hypothesis, following the scientific method, and more.

  • There are so many different scientific processes and areas that kids can learn about, from making polymers with slime, to exploring acids and bases with fizzy lemonade, learning about microorganisms while baking bread, and learning about the physics of buoyant force while seeing if your chocolate bar floats or sinks.


Regional Culinary Diversity: Helping children make connections between a culture and its food.


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