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Little minds big thinkers

Preschoolers at Olive WS learning about the fundamentals of computer science - Algorithm,Sequence and Debug through unplugged coding . They create the game using manipulatives available in the classroom and have fun playing. Through coding they are learning and honing many skills including critical thinking, story telling and retelling, problem solving, and teamwork.

They are 21st century kids so why not use technology to learn. After reading Dr. Seuss book “The Lorax “ the kids wanted to see Truffula tree. So we decided to find the names of all the trees in our campus to see if we can find it in our neighborhood. They were arborist and had fun using the phone app PictureThis to take pictures and know more about that tree . We got to know that we have a redwood tree, olive tree, avacado tree, myrtle and many more. We then got the pictures printed and kids pasted it to make the book .

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