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Green Issues for Young Learners

Our summer session is coming to an end, but our love for our environment lasts forever. Olive Children has been studying Sustainability and Environmental science all summer.

We shared with our young learners the current environmental issues that we have today and it has given the children the opportunity to build critical and creative thinking skills while also building skills in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM).

We thoroughly loved our hands-on, learn-by-doing activities as they learn that air and water pollution, sustainability, and other green issues are not only in Fremont but the whole Earth. The summer long program allowed us to do an extended learning to be engaged in activities and investigations in areas like language development, social studies, music and art.

Exploring issues related to sustainability and environmental concerns has permitted the children to be curious, ask questions, work on finding a solution to their questions, gather around and observe, and share their findings with friends and families.

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