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A BIG Thank You

Updated: May 7, 2020

As we prepare for another month serving children of essential workers and providing online classes for our online students, we want to thank our teachers who tirelessly provide engaging conversations and materials for our students.

We have received feedback and to quote one of our parents, “In spite of these challenges, to see your ever-smiling faces, and your conversations, trying to engage individually, and virtually bridge the physical divide between you and our young kids, asking them about their day, teaching them their ABCs and their numbers, working on projects together and independently, guiding and cajoling through laptops and ipads, dealing with kids running off, or not wanting to listen, dealing with bad connections and pixellated screens, dealing with distracted kids and demanding parents, while graciously accepting feedback; and most importantly, constantly working to improve and evolve the online program, certainly speaks volumes.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your effort, innovation, and commitment in educating our preschool kids during these very unprecedented, difficult times.”

I speak for our staff when I say we are humbled and challenged by the circumstances that surrounds us. Nonetheless, we are rewarded by simply seeing the children’s smiling faces, and hearing their about their day or listen to what they have done.

Together, we will continue to strive, thrive and survive. In return, we thank all of our parents to continue to support us and support their children’s online learning.

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