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Doctors Transcend Hospital Walls - Mexico Homebuilding

Olive Children Foundation joined hands with DOXAserves in 2011 to build houses for families in need. It started out as a small project to get the Fremont youth community involved in service, but transformed into a yearly tradition for many. This August, Olive Children worked with a group of second year medical students at Western University of Health Sciences to build a home for Esmeralda and Esposo and their two kids, Ana and Arturo.

Here are some of our thoughts on this trip!

Phoebe J: I couldn't have asked for a better Summer. I spent the last 4 days with some of my closest classmates building a home for a loving family. A huge part of choosing medicine was to continue to have the privilege of serving others, not only in a healthcare setting, but outside the walls of a hospital. I am so honored to have shared this beautiful experience with my friends. Cheers to 5 houses and counting!

Edward N: Spent the tail end of summer break with other second year medical students in Tijuana, Mexico building a small house for a very deserving family in need. Esmeralda, her husband and son Arturo and daughter Ana were sharing a house with 3 other families in a footprint the site of a pickup truck. They were so grateful to have a place to call their own - things got emotional for all of us.

I believe that it's our duty as humans to help others in need if we have the capacity to do so. Growing up in my family wasn't in the best situation financially and there were definitely times we struggled - when people helped us during our time of need, it restored hope. Helping out this week also helped me reflect on my past and have a better appreciation for what I do have now.

Proud to be part of the WesternU Family and Olive Children Foundation.

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