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Kindergarten Program 

Our Kindergarten program engages students in S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)-focused learning through hands-on interaction. Our program aims to challenge the traditional classroom by transforming the environment into a thematic learning experience. Through our program, students will have the opportunity to apply math, science, and writing in diverse settings from cooking to computer science. By fostering curiosity and a love of life-long learning, our students will build a foundation of cooperative learning, cumulative understanding, and practical experience.

We offer a Full-Day Kindergarten Program as well as Half-Day program for kids who attend public AM or PM school. Our Kindergarten program is offered at all 3 centers.  In order to maintain a small student:staff ratio, spaces are limited.

Circle Time 

Kinders will explore the literary realm through read-a-louds based on our weekly themes every day. Through engaging Read-A-Louds, our kinders begin to ask questions about characters, intention, and emotions. We also go through our calendar and check our Weather Station (that we built on Science Tuesday!). A few times a week, our kinders participate in Mind & Body – a class where they learn to relax and concentrate through yoga and meditation. We use this time to establish routine, interact with multicultural stories, and engage with each other during show-and-tell. Read-a-loud  improves literacy and communication skills.  


KMI is designed for students Pre-K to 1st grade. KMI emphasizes independent and active problem solving (observation, thinking, judgement, execution). KMI promotes children’s learning through inquiry, instead of traditional instruction. In KMI, children learn to analyze, to discover, to think, and to solve.  By practicing with the manipulatives, they become more concentrated and more careful.  Their abilities to do logical reasoning, to handle 3D space, and to correspond shapes and colors are also greatly enhanced in the course. Learn more about KMI + MI here.


Each week we have a new theme and incorporate math, science, language arts, and art to making learning engaging and fun. Based on current research about the best ways to teach reading fluency, our phonics program uses games, songs, rhyming, and repetition letters with sounds and lay the groundwork for spelling & writing. We aim to reinforce common core standards learned at school and expand these skills.


Yes, you heard right! As early as Pre-K, our kindergartners begin coding and robotics! Affiliated with the Tiny Tech Club, KinderBots inspire children to become confident learners in the digital age!! Learn the basics of STEM through our exclusive curriculum and fun robot models! A unique program that is aimed at fostering creativity through science and technology in younger children, our KinderBOTS program has a strong focus on introducing simple engineering and technology concepts to tiny tots in a fun, hands-on way.


Kinesthetic and visual learners will encounter a rich, materials-based environment where they’re interacting to determine cause and effect, experiment with color and texture, and group by type and number. Hands-on Science promotes children’s academic, ethical, and social development with effective, inquiry-based science education. Check out some of our cool science experiments here.


Our kinders love to paint, cut & paste, draw, and explore their creative minds! Our Kinders are encouraged to express and discover their artistic talent. Children will explore diverse projects to encourage self-expression and build mastery with materials like clay, ink, wood, metal, plastic, crayon, paper, and glue. Artists collaborate and share.


To further artistic appreciation and expression, our kinder participate in weekly music sessions. During the holidays, our kinders love singing holiday carols. From shakers to tambourine, our kinders love to make music!


Through our Etiquette & Life Skills program, our kinders will watch videos and role play similar scenarios to practice their life skills with asking for help, interacting in public, setting boundaries, being polite, and respectful, and problem solving.


With fun and approachable techniques, we make learning conversational Mandarin in an exciting in a non-native environment. Children will engage in various games and activities to improve their language skills. Our kinders love to learn Mandarin daily and come home to recite Mandarin poems. Our kids learn  simplified Mandarin and can continue to learn at our centers even after Kindergarten. Lunar New Year 2015 Kinder Performance


Every Friday our kids use math, science, and reading to cook! From brownies to potato pancakes, we incorporate culture and learning into a fun cooking experience. Pack a light lunch on Fridays, because we make lots to eat! Sometimes, we will bake for our community members, too! Read about some of our cooking projects in this blog post.


Confident Voice/Drama Games for students builds their confidence and improves their public speaking and presentation skills. This curriculum is based on games and activities which help children find their own voice as they learn to listen in new and critical ways. The classes are filled with fun games designed to coach creativity, confidence, and critical thinking skills.


In tandem with Fremont Unified School District’s 8 Great Traits and Tribes Learning Communities philosophy, students will learn leadership through community-building activities. Actiivites contribute to a community of leaders who know how to communicate, take responsibility, and contribute to the health and happiness of our team! Games and field trips solidify these characteristics. Read about our leadership program in our leadership blog.

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