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Feel the world and build it

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curiosity, discovery, STEM literacy


This summer, from June 13 to August 5 (total 8 weeks), we will learn about how Engineering and Computer Science Essentials promotes curiosity, discovery, and STEM literacy in Grades K - G8 as students explore the principles of engineering, and computer science practices work together to help students build problem-solving skills and resilience.  Essentials promotes access, equity and excellence through fun, engaging classroom lessons.

Computer Science and Engineering in Elementary?

Without a doubt.

Introducing computer science and engineering to children early develops an understanding of the world around them and how to improve it. Exposure to both in elementary ensures more equity in learning as children start to gain awareness and interest in STEM early on. This early exposure can help put them a STEM learning pathway and lead to future careers that they might not have considered.

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Speech &  Debate + Writing


Debate: Students will learn the combination of basic impromptu debates and later advanced debate for Congressional, Parliamentary and Public Forum styles, students will grow accustomed to debate basics and will be repeatedly exposed to advanced debate skills. By the end of the course, students will be familiar with advanced debate events as well as the necessary combination of research and quick thinking required to succeed in high school level debate and beyond.


Writing: Students will be tasked with responding to several different persuasive writing prompts on a weekly basis. They will be exposed to current events in the news, moral/value issues facing society, as well as movies/television and other media in current popular culture via videos, readings, and class discussions. After which they will be asked to share their thoughts/opinions via free writes/responses or reviews, or take a position on an issue and construct arguments. Students submit their writing assignments for feedback/grading through Google Docs & Google Classroom.

The program will provide vital preparation for advanced tournament events.  Ideal for students who would like to compete in junior high and high school.

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