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Youth Leadership

Hands - On Science

As part of our commitment to STEM education for the next generation, Olive Children offers Hands-On Science every Friday as part of the afterschool program. Our curriculum is purposefully designed to bring together the best resources, activities, and demonstrations, designed by our Science teaching staff to align with NGSS standards.

Curriculum designed with support from:

National Science Teacher Association (NSTA)

National Science Foundation (NSF)

California Academy of the Sciences

American Chemical Society (ACS)

Next-Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

hands on science kids
hands on science kids

Click HERE to access the 2017-2018 Hands-On Science Lesson Schedule.

STEM Newsletter by Month

Questions can be addressed to:

Edward Njoo

S.T.E.aM. Director

See what's brewing...  S.T.E.M. @ Olive

Afterschool Events & Announcements

December 26, 2017

Winter Camp Enrollment Open

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January 01, 2020

STEM Initiative Registration Open

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