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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I enroll my child in the afterschool program?


A: Click “Afterschool/Enrichment” and  select which campus you would like to enroll in and print out the enrollment form. Fill out the enrollment form and bring it to the campus! Or, you select the “contact” tab and send an e-mail to set up an appointment to enroll.

Q: Can I get a tour of the campus first?


A: YES! Select the “contact” tab to send us an e-mail so we can set up an appointment to tour the campus!

Q: What’s the difference between Olive Mission, Olive Warm Springs, and Berkeley Academy?


A: All campuses are managed under Olive Children Foundation. All three campuses offer after-school programs. The main difference is location!

Q: Do you provide transportation?


A: Yes, we have a wonderful driving team that picks up all of the students from their respective schools.

Q: What if my kids have other classes? Do you provide transportation?


A: Depending on the location, we usually do! Whether it’s chess club at their school or dance class a few miles away, let us know so we can arrange transportation.

Q: Are you open during breaks? Such as winter break, spring break, and summer break?


A: Yes, we usually are! We have full-day camps during winter, spring, and summer break. Check out upcoming or past camps under the “camps” tab. If you’re interested in touring our campuses during this time, just send us an e-mail.

Q: Are you open during teacher work-days?


A: Most of the time, YES! We offer full-day programs during teacher work days and some holidays. You don’t have to be enrolled in our afterschool program to sign up for those mini-camps.

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