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“You do have to try, learn, and improve. You do have to put yourself out there and risk failure. But in this new world, you don’t have to go bankrupt if you fail because you can fail small. You can innovate as a hobby. Imagine that: a nation of innovation hobbyists working to make their lives more meaningful and the world a better place. Welcome to the maker revolution.” ― Mark HatchThe Maker Movement Manifesto

Come join us for an afternoon of celebrating student innovations in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math! Get to know local innovators while celebrating the work of aspiring scientists, innovating minds, and tomorrow’s engineers. FREE fun activities for the whole family!

Sunday, June 3, 2018 | 3:00 PM—5:00 PM

43505 Mission Blvd. Fremont, CA 94539

Register your Science Fair or Maker Project TODAY!

To enter your Science Fair / Maker Project:

1. Complete the online Application form.

2. Sign and return liability waivers.

3. Submit your $25 registration fee.

4. Come join us on June 3!

Project Submission DEADLINE: MAY 5, 2018

Science Fair / Maker Project Submission Guidelines:

All students in grades 3-10 are invited to submit & present their projects at the 2018 Fremont & East Bay MakerFaire and STEM Expo!

1) All submissions are subject to approval.

2) All display materials must fit on a display board of maximum dimensions 36” x 48”.

3) All biohazardous materials or toxic chemicals require special permission.

4) No animal subjects or human subjects are permitted.

5) All projects must be registered online before being presented at the STEM Expo.


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