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Mission & Vision
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We're putting together plans for a new, innovative way of teaching and learning. A state of the art, STEM-focused charter school right here in the heart of the Silicon Valley is coming your way soon! 

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Science Class

Mission & Vision

Olive Children Charter school is a proposed charter operating out of the San Leandro Unified School District (SLUSD), with a target opening date in Fall 2023.


Our vision is to realize a world where all students, regardless of socioeconomic background, receive an education that prepares them to be the future innovators and leaders of America. We hope to achieve this vision by creating a learning environment that fosters the leadership, character, academic, and technical skills that are necessary to be successful, and to thrive, in the 21st century world. Our desire is to impart a lifelong love of learning, creating responsible, global citizens that have the tools to better themselves and the communities that they are part of.


Our educational program combines a rigorous “Learn by Doing,” STEAM-centric approach with a dual-language immersion track. Additionally, a focus on character development and community service underpins the entirety of the curriculum. Students will be exposed to hands-on experiments that teach them how to apply the information that they learn in class, strengthen connections to their native (or new!) tongue, all the while connecting the dots on how they can give back to their communities. They will embrace challenges, take risks, make--  and learn from their mistakes, and ultimately become better prepared to shape the future of our world.

Core Values & Educational Philosophy

Technology Class

Knowledge must ultimately be applied for it to be useful. Our curriculum and programs are structured around hands-on, applied lessons that help students connect the dots between the information, and what it can unlock for them.

Learn By Doing

Science & Technology

The world has been dramatically reshaped by innovations made in science and technology over the last 20 years, particularly here in the heart of the Silicon Valley but how we educate has not kept pace. At Olive, we’ve developed a rigorous STEAM-centric program that aims to prepare students, from an early age, for future success in both education and industry.

Science Courses
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Community Service

Schools, and by extension the students and families that they serve, must be deeply integrated into the communities that they are located in. Our intent is to foster students’ civic responsibility through community service projects and the connection of curricular concepts with service-centered activities to provide opportunities for students and families to participate in community service projects and understand their role in the local and global communities.

Global Competency

Culture will be a first-class citizen at Olive. No longer relegated to social studies or history classes, multiculturalism will be woven into the core fabric of the school. Thus, students will be equipped not only for the world they live in now, but also for the future. Through our Dual-Language Immersion and leadership programs, students will see their own cultures as strengths and seek to understand the cultures of others.

Technology at School
Science and Technology Class

Character Development

For students to fully realize their true potential, we must focus on developing character traits -- including grit, respect, leadership, and love. This will enable them to be successful not only in academics, but life at large.

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