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Olive Children Foundation

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Olive Children Preschool | Afterschool @ SJ

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Olive Children Preschool | Afterschool @ WS

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We believe all children should realize their potential to transform the world. Experience our visionary curriculum through our afterschool program and enrichment classes. Both programs support our goal of raising confident, supportive, and resilient children who, as young people, dedicate their talents to strengthening their communities.

Our program allows students to deeply engage in learning, in a fun and challenging way which provide K- 8th grade students opportunities for growth in a variety of subjects and interests.

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Core Beliefs

  • We believe that each child possesses internal resources and talents which need support, time, and quality relationships (with adults and peers) to come to fruition.

  • We believe it is more important to listen than to be heard; more challenging to ask questions than to require answers; more beneficial to scaffold choices than to micro-manage behavior. 


In order to cultivate beneficial lifelong characteristics like pro-active communication, group conflict resolution, intrinsic motivation, healthy risk-taking, and resilience to failure, we are deeply committed to intense interventions in each child’s journey. 

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Mission & Vision

Guidance & Discipline

At Olive, we implement an all-encompassing positive discipline methodology because we know this creates self-sufficient, respectful, and proactive members of our community. Our instructors commit to disciplining through redirection, positive role-modeling, problem-solving, and natural consequences.

  • Positive Reinforcement

In positive reinforcement, one draws attention to the behavior we want to encourage, instead of giving attention to unwanted behavior.  While we eschew bribery and punishment, our consistent guidance ensures that each child knows her boundaries and expectations. To build a strong community, we must see ourselves as growing, tolerant, and nurtured.

  • Conflict Resolution

Even under the best circumstances, conflicts are inevitable. Our staff believes in mediated conflict resolution where everyone shares their story, perspective, and feelings, and then we collaborate on what we need to move forward. By emphasizing the future (What would you do next time? How can we make amends?) and not assigning blame, children must work together to resolve their conflict. 

  • Independence

True resourcefulness means that when you don’t have the answer, you know how to find it. With so many resources as students’ fingertips, we encourage them to “help themselves” when it is appropriate. Of course, we are always there to help with an explanation, stepstool, or advice, but in developmentally appropriate ways, we scaffold some responsibility. 

Why Choose Us

All-Inclusive Programs

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Rather than focusing on speed and perfection, our philosophy guides students to take responsibility for their own learning goals, structure their own study time, and take advantage of a variety of resources. With our extremely long-term vision, we nurture children so they will be accountable and resourceful in college and beyond, where they must produce relevant knowledge, not fill in the blanks.

  • TK-Gr8

  • Individual Attention

  • Homework Help

  • Common Core English & Math

  • Daily Mandarin or Hindi

  • STEAM Program Every Day

  • Large Outdoor Play Area   ​

  • Electronic Sign-In & Out system that sends real-time notifications to you 

Olive Children Warm Springs Campus

Our Warm Springs campus is located at South Bay Community Church

Tel: 510-770-4002

47385 Warm Springs Blvd.

Fremont, CA 94539