Olive Children Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit, educational organization that strives to prepare our children to be the future leaders of tomorrow. Our first site (Olive Mission) opened in the heart of Mission Boulevard across the street from the olive trees of Ohlone College, Fremont, California. Today, we have three sites in Fremont (Olive Children Mission, Olive  Children Warm Springs, and Olive Children St James). Founded in 2010 by an educator and entrepreneur- Joni Jen- it embodies the ideal that young children can make a significant impact by serving their community. As a visionary entrepreneurial duo, Joni and her team strive to uncover students’ leadership and academic potential while improving their self-esteem and core strengths. Together, we believe leadership blossoms in every child.

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Who We Are

What We Do: Youth Leadership

In tandem with Fremont Unified School District’s 8 Great Traits and Tribes Learning Communities philosophy, students will learn leadership through community-building activities. Each month, we focus on one or more traits. How can we incorporate these traits into our speech, attitude, and behavior towards others? After exploring the trait through discussion and tribal interactions, the month culminates in a collaborative service project.  Each project requires students to problem-solve, find resources, and interface with diverse populations. Our understanding of community itself will expand from our classroom or campus into our collective, neighborhood, and city.

Olive Children's 5 Essential Pillars

Attentive Listening (We will listen with our eyes, ears, and heart)

Mutual Respect (We will treat people the way we want to be treated)

Appreciation/No-Put Downs (We will speak kindly to others and think of other people's feelings)

Right to Pass/Participate (We have the right to pass in certain activities, and to know that the more we participate the more we gain)

Safety (We will always think of safety first)

FUSD Eight Great Traits








Planning & Decision Making

Problem Solving

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Meet our Board of Directors

President & Founder

S.T.E.A.M Director

Joni Jen

Tammy Long

Sara Mithra

Edward Njoo

At Olive: Friday Community Meetings

Students engage in a Community Meeting where they can share their feelings and make good decision about their learning environments.

Students can propose new ideas such as a “Silence-No Talking Homework Room” or address an existing issue such as what to do with Student Store Profits.

The meeting concludes by giving space for students to Acknowledge their peers to encourage reflective and positive thinking.

In Our Community: Serving Others

Even the youngest generation can make a difference in their community as demonstrated by students at Olive WS and Berkeley Academy.

Seventeen eager students arrived at the ABODE Sunrise Village Shelter with a common goal in sight- serving others.

After serving over 50 family members, students followed proper etiquette and cleaned up after themselves

Around the World

Rummage Sale for Nepal

After the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, our students wanted to help! We focused all of energy on Leadership Fridays: Rummage Sale to Benefit Nepal.


Students created art pieces, made posters, advertised, and wrote articles in the local paper to gather attention.

Students asked local businesses for donations and went through their homes to donate their items.

We had an awesome and very successful rummage sale and bake sale!

American Youth Ambassador

Join us in the summer of 2018 as we send over a dozen students to China for a cultural learning experience. Students will train over a series of weeks to in preparation to teach English in China. Through excursions and tours, students will come back with an appreciation of Chinese language and culture.

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